Welcome to the Support page. If you have any issues with PAYMENTS, LISTINGS or any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in our contact form or simply by emailing us on You can also use the FEEDBACK button on your right side to submit an Idea, Question, Problem or you want to Praise something you really like on our website.


420TripAdvisor is free  as we are running a BETA Platform in the beginning to see if everything is working perfectly for our customers. After our testing period we will decide if the service will be still for free for more optimization or we will ask a small fee to add your listing.

Please use the Right upper corner to add your company and follow the steps and screenshots. Need Help? Please use our Feedback button or simple email us on our contact-page

You can advertise by going to your Dashboard (after claiming/creating your business page) and press on Ad Campaigns If you want to have a banner on our front-page, please contact us for more details.

Yes! Please visit your Dashboard and select Events and fill in the information Start date/End date and if you sell tickets you can provide your own ticket URL to refer your customers too.

Our users can insert (under Menu) their web shops URL that would re-direct the customers to their products directly. You can use, or any other website that is hosting your web shop.

420TripAdvisor is not using a booking system; we’ve simplified the process for our users. They can add their website bookings URL or any other booking system URL by going to their Dashboard and click on the left Menu on Bookings. The booking URL can be inserted there.

The 420TripAdvisor website and the 420TripAdvisor mobile app (coming soon) are free to use.

You don’t need to create an account to use 420TripAdvisor, but there are a number of great benefits to signing up for a 420TripAdvisor account.

With your 420TripAdvisor account, you can:

  1. Keep track of your favorite cannabis brands, products, dispensary storefronts.
  2. Post reviews of cannabis products you’ve tried, dispensary storefronts you’ve visited and delivery services you’ve used.
  3. Share and connect with other 420TripAdvisor users about cannabis products you’re enjoying.
  4. Win some awesome prices after submitting your review (coming soon)